DSLR vs Film SLR – What’s Better?

Photography is an art and art isn’t limited to what equipment you hold. Photography is about a perfect end result but what can give you an exceptional photograph? Camera plays an important role in your career if you are taking photography up as a means of living.

Now a days the trend of using a DSLR camera is taking over the world because of which the old film SLR cameras are being forgotten.

 Following are some advantages and disadvantages of a DSLR and a film camera.

Advantages of a Film SLR Camera


  • Cost – Film SLR cameras are cheap as compared to DSLR cameras. So anyone who can’t afford to get started with a DSLR camera can always begin with a film SLR and then shift to digital photography. It gives you a right idea of how to take pictures by adjusting the camera manually. Many digital photography courses recommend using a SLR for starting to get a better knowledge of how a camera works.
  • Higher dynamic range – Film cameras have a higher dynamic range which allows you to capture intricate details especially in the white and black parts of the photograph.
  • Quality – Film has a comparatively higher resolution than digital cameras and better exposure as well as focusing.


Disadvantages of a Film SLR Camera


  • Size and Weight – Film cameras are heavier and bigger than digital cameras so it becomes a little difficult to carry them.
  • Costly – SLR cameras are costly to maintain because of the continuous expenses on films and development.
  • No instant result – The biggest drawback of a film SLR camera is that you cannot view instantly what you have captured. You have to wait until the film is developed to see the results.

Photography classes are based on the basics of a SLR film camera even when you are not using one because of it being manual in nature.


Advantages of a Digital SLR Camera


  • Weight and Size – These cameras are lighter in weight as compared to film cameras and are smaller in size. New mirror less digital cameras are even lighter and handy than the old DSLR cameras.
  • Instant result – With a digital camera you can get an instant result of the picture you have captured for a better judgement.
  • Built in Filters – Many DSLR cameras have a built in filter and editing setting. Not only can you view the result instantly but can also edit it to look more attractive.
  • Higher Resolution – DSLR cameras have a higher resolution for up to and more than 50 megapixels which can allow the photographer to print the photograph as large as a billboard.


Disadvantages of a Digital SLR Camera

  • Expensive – DSLR cameras are more expensive and the gear and lenses they work along with cost thousands of pounds.
  • Low battery life – DSLR cameras have a lower battery life because of the modern use technology so you might have to carry a spare battery with you at all times
  • Lower Dynamic Range – These cameras have a lower dynamic range because of which you can get a lot or noise and grain in the black and white parts of your photograph.

Keeping all the pros and cons of film and digital SLR cameras the conclusion purely depends on your priorities and choice. Both the cameras are good in their own way however because of advanced technology and faster life it’s better that you learn to use a DSLR camera and become a photographer for the newer world.